In the face of Covid-19 we are doing what we always do: putting people's safety first. We will only work when we know we can keep everyone safe.

Responding to an unprecedented crisis

  • Putting people's safety first

    The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed all our lives as we’ve been forced to deal with some unprecedented challenges, whether at home or at work.

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  1. Lynda and Bert

    Making flexible working work in the long term

    29 Sep 2020

    In the wake of the lockdown, Group Director of Marketing and Communications, Lynda Thwaite, argues that we have a duty to explore how flexible working can work in the long term and rethink our office space. Does “building back better” also mean “working back smarter?"

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  2. Diversity

    Defining diversity

    26 Aug 2020

    In challenging economic times, continuing to promote diversity and inclusion throughout a company is more important than ever, regardless of the industry in question. But what does diversity entail?

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  3. Getting back on track

    17 Jul 2020

    We’re building back stronger by applying the lessons learnt through the crisis to improve the way we deliver for our clients.

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  4. How we are supporting Build Back Better

    08 Jul 2020

    We’re fully committed to playing our part in the recovery by building back better and greener and nurturing an inclusive environment which fosters diversity and talent.

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  5. Keeping people safe

    As more of our sites begin to open we are only allowing people back to work when we know we have all the necessary measures and procedures in place to keep them safe and well.

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  6. Working through the challenges

    Our people are what make Sir Robert McAlpine such a great place to work. Like any family they have pulled together in a time of crisis and we are immensely proud of the team.

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  7. A journey into the unknown

    While the challenges have been immense, construction's response to the Covid-19 crisis speaks volumes about the collaborative instincts of those who work in our industry.

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  8. Applying the lessons learnt

    There are valuable lessons to be learnt from the extraordinary circumstances of the last few months. Harnessing those lessons will help us to become an even more resilient and agile business better able to service our clients and drive innovation.

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  9. Reduced lockdown traffic helps A19 team accelerate Tees viaduct works

    14 May 2020

    With Highways England striving to keep motorways and major A-roads open to support distribution of supplies and the movement of key workers during the current crisis, our A19 team is taking the opportunity of the reduced traffic flow to accelerate essential works along the Tees Viaduct.

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