Our Commitments


We are committed to leaving a lasting positive legacy as a result of our actions. Considering our impact on the environment and society in all we do. Playing our role in addressing the climate emergency for a sustainable and prosperous future.

Our sustainability strategy empowers individuals across the whole business to drive the sustainability agenda and make a positive impact on communities and the environment, project after project.

Our sustainability strategy for 2020-2024 is a core driver in realising our ambition to be the Best Place to Work, the Best Builder, and the Best Business.

It has been designed to deliver year and year improvements and targets in four key categories:

  • Net zero carbon emissions
  • Resource efficiency
  • Ethical procurement
  • Social value

Our core sustainability team are experts in sustainability. Across all our sites, they engage with our people and our supply chain partners to provide them with the knowledge and the tools to embed sustainability into the project delivery.

The strategy provides a framework that allows for the flexibility and the freedom to set targets that are specific and adapted to each project.

This freedom ensures that everyone is empowered to play their role in building a better future.

In our eyes, sustainability is essential to the delivery of a successful project.

Our Sustainability Strategy


We are not just committing to being Net Zero Carbon within the next five years, but, importantly, to a year on year reduction in our Carbon emissions. To demonstrate this commitment, we have signed up to the Carbon Trust Standard who will hold us to account, making sure we deliver on our commitment to reduce our emissions.

We will be implementing carbon reduction initiatives throughout the business and collaborating with leading industry bodies in that field.

Resource Efficiency

Resource efficiency means using the Earth's limited resources in a sustainable manner while minimising impacts on the environment.

We recognise the impact of wastage in the construction industry and the need for us all to be more resource efficient in the delivery of our projects.

We are committed to a year on year reduction in our construction waste, maximising resource efficiency and applying circular economy principles in the delivery of projects.

We aim to achieve this through the implementation of modern methods of construction, modularisation and offsite construction as well as collaboration across the industry to reduce wastage in the construction sector.

Ethical Procurement

Our commitment to ethical procurement extends to responsible sourcing of our building materials and the ethical sourcing of our services.

We understand that the choices we make in procurement can have a huge impact on global environments. As such we require our sites to source materials from suppliers certified to a responsible sourcing standard. 

In our aim to be the “Best Place to Work”, we must ensure that all those who work on our sites and offices are treated with the respect and dignity they rightly deserve. Our company Labour Code of Conduct established a baseline for which anyone working our sites / offices must be able to experience.

To ensure compliance to the Code, we employ a third-party organisation to carry out Site Worker Engagement Surveys.

Social Value

We are committed to a year on year increase of social value delivered across our operations.

To ensure we deliver on this commitment we have partnered with the Social Profit Calculator to enable us to set targets, forecast, monitor and improve the social value we deliver. With no exception, each project and office are required to deliver improved Social Value to the local community.

The partnership with the Social Profit Calculator ensures that our data is transparent and comparable. It is accredited by Social Value UK and Social Value International whilst also being tailored to meet our aims and objectives. Making sure we deliver on our promises.

We are committed to making a difference to the individuals, society, environment and communities in which we work and inspire others to follow our lead.

As individuals, we are passionate about the work we do delivering quality projects for our clients and are conscious of the impact we can have on the environment and society. This strategy places Sustainability at the forefront of our project delivery, ensuring that we address key issues that we face today such as the Climate Emergency and improving Social Value. It empowers our staff, emphasises the role we all have to play, and ensures that we collectively put our skills and expertise at the service of a better future.

Simon Richards, Head of Sustainability at Sir Robert McAlpine

Our Commitments

  1. The Sill


    We are committed to leaving a lasting positive legacy as a result of our actions. Considering our impact on the environment and society in all we do. Playing our role in addressing the climate emergency for a sustainable and prosperous future.

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  2. Compliance

    Our quality, health and safety environmental management systems ensure we provide a consistent level of compliance across all our operations.

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    'We treat each other like family'. It's the ethos that we live by and that underpins our culture.

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