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  • Our Vision

    We are committed to building on our engineering and construction heritage, taking pride in everything we do and making a meaningful contribution to society.

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  • Technical Excellence

    It’s what we are known for and it’s why we attract some of the industry’s brightest talent.

    Our commitment to technical excellence means we are always looking to push the boundaries of the possible.

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Our Projects

  • Modern Slavery

    Modern Slavery is everyone's issue and we will only tackle it effectively if we collaborate and address it together.

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  • Our Heritage

    Our reputation is founded on 150 years of technical excellence and innovation, our entrepreneurial spirit and our future-focused approach.

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News & Comment

  1. The Forum - University of Exeter

    FORUM at TEN

    03 May 2022

    This week, the Forum at the University of Exeter celebrates its 10 year anniversary. Here, the original project team assess the learning legacy of the scheme, its impact on subsequent developments within the sector, and explore what, if anything, they would do differently today.

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