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We use our in-depth knowledge and expertise to help clients and project teams plan for success.

Pre-construction services encompass all the steps necessary before construction can begin.

  • Methodology and programme

    We work with our clients and project teams to test a variety of construction methodologies. We evaluate different scenarios, and review buildability to determine the most appropriate approach specific to each project.

    We then build an integrated project programme using established benchmark data to give confidence in the project duration and handover dates.

  • Commercial management

    We understand the whole development process and work with our clients to determine construction budgets, contingencies and cash flow. We have established cost benchmarking data to inform our cost planning activity. We can estimate project costs and obtain best material prices through our managed supplier relationships. Our commitment to sustainability procurement of materials ensures that not only are we getting the best material prices but also materials that are being produced in a sustainable fashion.

    Working collaboratively with project teams, our proven risk and construction management processes help eliminate uncertainty and manage the project to a predictable conclusion.

  • Design management

    We work with our client’s design team, or our own professional teams, to manage the progress of design for procurement and construction. We support the design teams in creating digital information to inform and engage the appropriate supply chain in the package procurement process. Our Digital Construction teams are at the forefront of technology and are using the latest techniques and software in the pre-construction phase. 

    We facilitate value management workshops so that the maximum value is being created for our client’s investment.

  • Building the construction team

    We take into account market conditions and risk levels to devise the procurement strategy of each project. We implement that strategy in partnership with our client. We shortlist and then select the best supplier partners and teams to join the project construction team. We manage the formal appointment and mobilisation of that supplier.

  • Stakeholder management

    We manage the consents process. This way, we ensure that all statutory and contractual parties are kept informed and permission secured as necessary to commence the construction works.

    With our clients we develop stakeholder engagement strategies to keep all project and local stakeholders informed. This approach enables us to create a positive and lasting legacy for the project.


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