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Technical Excellence

Technical excellence. It’s what we are known for. And it's why we attract some of the industry’s brightest talent.

Technology doesn't stand still and neither do we.

Our commitment to technical excellence means we are always looking to push the boundaries of the possible.

We are creative and collaborative, applying new technologies, optimising processes and exploring innovative solutions to improve efficiency, productivity and predictability.

Our engineering and technical capability delivers enormous value for our clients and, over more than150 years, has helped drive the industry forward.

It’s something we’re enormously proud of.

Not just because the techniques and approaches that we help develop benefit us and our clients.

But because they have a positive impact on the communities and environments we work in too.

We have a number of specialist teams who support our clients and construction projects in key areas.

These areas of technical excellence include:

  • Digital construction

    Digital construction technologies are an integral part of today’s project delivery. We’ve been using BIM for the last decade to reduce risk and improve outcomes for our clients. As an increasingly digitally enabled business we are committed to become an industry leader in this area.

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  • Geospatial engineering

    Modern technology-enabled construction techniques save our clients time and money and provide pinpoint accurate information to inform design and support quality delivery. Our specialists use the latest instrumentation and equipment for a host of applications from laser scanning and surveying to structural and geotechnical monitoring.

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  • Building services

    No-one wants to walk into a new building and find a problem. Our Building Services specialists make sure that when we hand over, everything works just as it should. Our 100-strong team of experts work closely with our clients and end users throughout construction to make sure this happens and that they have all the information and support they need to operate their building when we’re gone.

  • Façades

    With more and more being asked of the buildings we live, work and spend leisure time in, modern facades are becoming increasingly complex. Our highly experienced façade specialists can manage the delivery process at every stage. They can also advise on everything from design, materials, acoustic and thermal performance to supply chain capability and air testing.

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  • Mechanical engineering

    Whether it’s high up in the sky or deep down in the ground, our team of Mechanical Engineers will find a way of getting whatever it is to wherever it needs to be. Providing industry-leading support to our clients and projects, the team are experts in access, lifting and logistics. With expertise in equipment selection and location, their specialist advice brings clarity on costs and can help clients avoid expensive delays.

  • McAlpine Design Group

    The reputation of our multi-award-winning in-house Design Group is second to none. The Group provides innovative, sustainable solutions that save clients time and money. Specialising in both permanent and temporary works, areas of expertise include architectural, civil, structural and geotechnical design. We also offer dedicated support in acoustics and airtightness while our in-house materials specialists can provide insight and advice to help clients realise their vision while managing cost, programme and risk.

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  • Construction management

    Construction management is an increasingly popular delivery route for clients. It’s a way of working which plays to several of our great strengths: our partnering ethos, our open and transparent approach and our renowned managerial capabilities. We bring a structured approach, fully integrating with clients' teams from day one. This helps us maximise opportunities for efficiencies, reduce risk and ensure quality is considered at every step of the process.

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  • Health, safety and wellbeing

    We recognise our responsibilities in relation to all aspects of health, safety and wellbeing and are committed to an exemplary level of performance in these areas. That means innovating and collaborating to drive improved performance and deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients, our projects, our people and partners, and the wider community.

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  1. digital rendition of broadgate

    Digital Construction

    We invest in industry-leading software and mobile applications. So we can deliver cost efficiencies and top performance - each and every time.

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  2. Façades

    We have the specialist in-house expertise to deliver today's increasingly technical and complex façades.

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