Proudly building Britain's future heritage

About us

It’s the quality of our people that makes us different and a commitment to technical and engineering excellence, trusted client relationships and exemplary project delivery makes us the company we are.

We are a family-owned building and civil engineering company established since 1869. We design, develop, build and preserve some of Britain’s most iconic buildings. We shape towns, cities, and landscapes and put the local community at the heart of everything we do.

If there’s one reason for our enduring success over the last 150 years it is the quality of our people.

They embody the commitment to technical excellence, client service and exemplary project delivery that make us the company we are.

Our people want to be the best, delivering the exceptional time and again. It’s the aspiration to become Britain’s Best Builder that unites us all and it’s the reason we’ve worked on some of Britain’s most iconic buildings and projects.

Our services and expert knowledge support any phase of a project:

  • Sourcing (Axis Land Partnership)
  • In-house design (McAlpine Design Group)
  • Project development, investment and management (Capital Ventures )
  • Pre-construction and Construction Support services, including area of technical excellence such as Construction Management, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Digital Construction, Geospatial Engineering, McAlpine Lifting Solutions, Building Services, Facades, and SSHEQ
  • Preservation, restoration and refurbishment of heritage buildings 
  • After care and maintenance

Along the way we’ve become part of Britain’s DNA, creating many of the hospitals, schools and universities, offices, retail and leisure, accommodation and industrial buildings you pass by every day.

We’ve only been able to do this through a commitment to technical and engineering excellence, continually adapting and evolving, looking to the future and using innovative technologies and techniques to deliver the best results for our clients.

We’re not just passionate about shaping towns and cities and landscapes. We’re also committed to making a positive impact on communities and environments, and leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come. That means working closely with our business partners, leading by example to drive progress and inspire industry-wide changes.

It also means creating and nurturing an inclusive environment which fosters a diversity of skills and talent as we look to push the boundaries yet further.

We believe our journey has only just started. Today and every day, proudly building Britain’s future heritage.



Focused strategy and robust financial management increase resilience for recovery

We are pleased to announce our financial results 2019-20, which, despite the adverse temporary impact of Covid-19 on profits this financial year, show a positive outlook ahead. Our Annual Report and Accounts and Executive Summary are available to download below.



What does it take to build Britain's future heritage?

In 2019 we celebrated our 150th anniversary.

This milestone year provided an opportunity to honour the vision and hard work of all those who have played their part in our long and successful history.

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What sets us apart

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    Our Approach

    We employ exceptional people and work alongside first-rate partners to create and deliver exemplary projects.

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    The expertise of our people and the quality of the projects we deliver continue to win industry recognition.

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