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Axis Land Partnerships

Creating places people want to live, securing best value for land.

Axis Land Partnerships is a land promotion and development company which works with landowners to create places where people want to live, while securing the best value for their land.

Axis Land Partnerships cares about leaving a positive legacy and aims to create sustainable places that have a positive impact on the environment and local communities. Places to be proud of for generations to come.

Their thorough understanding of the development and planning process enables them to anticipate long and short-term challenges and mitigate them before they become issues.

They have at their disposal all the technical knowledge and engineering skills available across Sir Robert McAlpine. They also use our vast infrastructure and energy network services to best serve their clients.


Axis Land Partnerships offers a mutually beneficial partnership approach to landowners.

They take a collaborative approach, working under a promotion agreement so the landowner retains ownership of their land whilst Axis undertakes the financial risk of the site investigation and assessment work required to obtain a planning permission.

Providing a personal service tailored to clients’ needs, they are committed to securing the best value for land, without the landowner incurring any upfront costs.

From an early stage, they consider all major infrastructure needs, as well as the environmental and economic benefits that housing brings, proactively engaging with local communities and the local planning authority on their clients’ behalf.

Their aim is to promote their clients’ land in the best possible way and create sustainable places where people want to live.

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