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Our Heritage

A contemporary construction and infrastructure business, we are building on strong foundations.

Our reputation is founded on over 150 years of technical excellence and innovation, our entrepreneurial spirit and our future-focused approach.

We have been a stable presence in the construction industry since our first contract in 1869 – the repair of a mine chimney for £2.45.

Since then, we have delivered many of the building blocks of our society, including landmarks and iconic structures that place us at the heart of the UK’s history and future landscape.

As we look forward, we continue to build on, strengthen and apply the values that have always been at the heart of our operations: an absolute commitment to our clients, our people and our partners, as well as to the highest standards of technical excellence.

It is this ethos that will help guide us as we proudly build Britain’s future heritage.

Proudly Building Britain's Future Heritage

A Portrait of Achievement

  1. Festive photograph of Glenfinnan Viaduct in the winter

    Historical Projects, 1869-1919

    07 Jan 1900

    From a mine chimney in 1869 to construction during the Great War, we have been building Britain's future heritage from our very first project.

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  2. Mulberry Harbour - photographs courtesy of the Imperial War Museum

    Historical Projects, 1919-1945

    06 Jan 1900

    From Wembley Stadium and The British Empire Exhibition to supporting the D-Day landings in Normandy, engineering excellence is at the heart of everything we do.

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  3. Cutty Srk Dry Dock

    Historical Projects, 1946-1970

    05 Jan 1900

    From iron and steelworks to power stations and motorways, we played our part in helping rebuild Britain's industrial strength after the Second World War.

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  4. O2 Arena on River Thames

    Historical Projects, 1972-1999

    04 Jan 1900

    From Sellafield to Canary Wharf, Hampden Park to the Millennium Dome, our projects changed landscapes across the length and breadth of Britain.

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  5. imperial war museum

    Historical Projects, 2000-2008

    03 Jan 1900

    From the Eden Project to the Emirates Stadium we overcome complex construction challenges to delivered some of the most Britain's iconic landmarks.

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  6. Marischal College

    Historical Projects, 2009-2013

    02 Jan 1900

    From the London Olympic Stadium to the M74 Completion in Glasgow, we played a significant role in shaping communities through infrastructure, leisure, and education projects.

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  7. Victoria Gate Leeds

    Historical Projects, 2014-2016

    01 Jan 1900

    From education institutions to mixed-used retail and entertainment complexes, and the New London Embassy, we proudly building Britain's future heritage.

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About us

  1. collaboration with sub contractors on site

    Our Approach

    We employ exceptional people and work alongside first-rate partners to build and deliver exemplary construction projects.

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  2. construction worker wearing PPE looking at building under construction

    Our Vision

    To be renowned for our work with clients and communities as we construct a better world for future generations.

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    The expertise of our people and the quality of the projects we deliver continue to win industry recognition.

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