19th November 2021

Celebrating International Men’s Day with Nick Leach

Today, on International Men’s Day, Head of Digital Construction, Nick Leach shares his career highlights and insight into how our industry could go about rebalancing genders in construction.

Today on International Men’s Day, we catch up with Head of Digital Construction, Nick Leach.

As Head of Digital Construction, Nick is responsible for implementing and driving the integration of our Digital Construction (BIM) strategy delivery. His remit ensures the adoption and development of our digital construction tools, processes, training, data reporting, industry alignment and future innovative solutions which support the project delivery, business strategy and roadmap targets.

How did you get to where you are today?

I’ve been fortunate to work for three large Tier 1 contractors over the last 15 years, which has seen me involved in a variety of projects, both in the UK and abroad, at project and strategic level. It’s this experience that has led me to working across a wide range of sectors, from Healthcare, Civil, Rail, Commercial, to Public and Residential.

I’ve always been approachable, authentic and can adapt well to change; seeing and identifying opportunities, continually driving my own self learning, not being afraid to push myself out of my comfort zone and at the same time identifying what I need to improve upon.

What has been your career highlight to date?

Having the chance to lead and develop my team along with working on iconic projects across different sectors has really contributed to my professional development and experience. I’ve also had the opportunity to work in different countries and experiencing different cultures and environments, which has allowed me to have a different perspective, both professionally and personally, in my growth and development.

What advice would you give to those seeking a career in construction today?

Don’t think twice, our industry is exciting! You can make your mark and have an impact on the environment we live in. Contributing and being part of physically tangible outputs that you can touch, view, or use when completed, projects and buildings that stand the test of time for the years to come, and that you can experience with family and friends, is inspirational.

Considering this year's theme, how do you think the industry could go about rebalancing genders in construction?

By continually providing more opportunities for women to rise to Board/Leadership/Senior positions in organisations representing all types of functions in construction. Greater visibility of females in these roles is a necessity to provide more role models at all levels.

Also, we need to attract more women into construction via schools, colleges and universities. Having our current female leaders engage with Generation Z to highlight and showcase the multitude of roles, opportunities, experiences, types of sectors/projects, skillsets, and the longevity that a career in construction can provide, is key.

The greater the influx of women into construction, the more appealing our industry will be to all, removing the current stigma in how our industry is perceived today.

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