12th February 2020

BIM software Dalux delivers at 21 Moorfields

Our team at 21 Moorfields are using BIM software Dalux as a key tool for managing and communicating back to our client the progress of the design and construction process.

With, as BIM Manager Alex Gibson puts it, "everyone on our 21 Moorfields project is effectively walking around with highly detailed 3D models of the scheme in their pockets".

This City of London development is a great illustration of the benefits we are seeing from our investment in digital construction.

A hugely complex scheme involving the construction for Land Sec of a 17-storey office above the new Crossrail station and tube lines at Moorgate station, the engineering and logistical challenges of the project are enormous.

With cooperation and support from Land Sec, our team are using BIM as a key tool for managing and communicating back to our client progress of the design and construction process.

BIM software Dalux is being used project-wide, as it is a user-friendly programme that allows the entire project team to view and access all the latest model information.

This has helped ensure high engagement and simplified communicating information to the client as well as the process of looking ahead at any potential design and construction issues.

Alex Gibson, BIM Manager said:

“BIM used to be the sole responsibility of a single person on a project.  On 21 Moorfields we are now approaching BIM as a team, with each discipline either feeding into the process or engaging with the outputs.

The biggest game changer has been SRM’s investment in mobile and cloud-based technologies, which have effectively put highly detailed 3D models in the pocket of every person on the project, including our clients and subcontractors."

Making information available to all project personnel through BIM has improved the quality, consistency and accuracy of key information, resulting in practical daily benefits which are supporting the team to deliver this project on time.

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