27th October 2022

Celebrating Black History Month with Daniel Taylor

As October draws to a close, Planning Manager, Daniel Taylor, opens up about his career, what drives him and why Black History Month matters.

Daniel Taylor has successfully completed his MSc in Construction Project Management whilst working as Planning Manager at the Hockley Mills development in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter. Here, he reflects on his career journey and why Black history matters all year round. 

"I’m driven by getting a sense of accomplishment and acquiring knowledge," Daniel shares. "The opportunity to improve my understanding of this ever-changing industry and take on further challenges is probably the biggest driver for me. My career highlights have been working on large-scale projects. Delivering the programme management at Hockley Mills to good effect so far is probably my biggest achievement, alongside completing my MSc in Construction Project Management at the same time. Managing the two has been extremely challenging." 

During Black History Month, Daniel is keen to express why celebrating matters to him. 

Black History Month is important to me as black history wasn't taught in school or highlighted for the positive contributions African & Caribbean people have made to society and the world. Black history shouldn't be confined to a month and ignored for the rest of the year. However, Black History Month allows greater focus to educate the masses on significant achievements of individuals that may not have been recognised previously.

Daniel goes on to explain how the company has been supporting him to achieve his full potential. 

"Sir Robert McAlpine gives me the opportunity to get involved in a range of projects and improve my understanding of a multitude of construction methods. This, in turn, allows me to understand the fundamentals of design, procurement, and construction. I have been allowed to manage my own projects with little interference, take more responsibility, and gain confidence in delivering high-level assignments. The inclusive culture is also a catalyst to success because you can only break down barriers and enhance connections by understanding other people’s cultures and customs. " 

He concludes with sound advice for those who consider joining our industry. 

"I would recommend Sir Robert McAlpine as a place to work in order to grow and develop your career in construction. As the company takes on large scale projects in different sectors, it will allow you to gain a well-rounded skillset, as well as support your own individual career goals."

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