10th May 2022

Construction Productivity Conference

Sir Robert McAlpine is delighted to be a part of this year's Construction Productivity Conference.

Join Rebecca Hodgson-Jones as she discusses how to "Make Innovation Happen" at the Construction Productivity Conference.

As 2022 seems set to see a continuation in construction sector demand, and the UK looks towards post-pandemic economic recovery, business leaders in the built environment are facing a new set of challenges. Increasing labour and material costs, decreasing contractor confidence, and delays in the supply chain are all contributing factors in a perfect storm set to upset the balance of industry recovery. For those in the sector, construction productivity is the key to addressing these challenges. 

This year's Construction Productivity Conference provides an opportunity for industry leaders and suppliers to discuss strategy, opportunities and the potential for innovation within the sector. Sir Robert McAlpine is pleased to be part of an event that looks to people as the heart of the business and recognises the positive  opportunities that promoting change and innovation can bring.


As a relentless advocate for modernisation and a champion of innovation and lean working practices, I can’t wait to share what we’ve learned over the last few years while driving MMC, BIM and Digital Transformation within Sir Robert McAlpine.

Rebecca Hodgson-Jones Director Innovation and Improvement

10 May 2022


All day

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Our speaker

  • Rebecca Hodgson-Jones

    Director of Innovation and Improvement

    Rebecca is Innovation and Improvement Director at leading UK construction and civil engineering contractor Sir Robert McAlpine. A chartered engineer with nearly 20 years’ experience in the construction industry, Rebecca’s focus over the last decade has been on change and improvement in one form or another.


    With a proven track record of leading strategic, organisational-wide change, Rebecca is passionate about delivering a more efficient, inclusive and sustainable industry.


    A relentless advocate for modernisation and a champion of innovation and lean working practices, Rebecca has been responsible over the years for driving MMC, BIM and Digital Transformation both within Sir Robert McAlpine and the wider industry.

Event Summary

  • Event Location: London

    Date: 10.05.22 - 10.05.22

    Time: All day

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