13th - 14th July 2021

Chief Data Officer Exchange - Value Through Data

Our Head of Data and Analytics, Gareth Parkes, joins industry influencers to discuss enabling your workforce to thrive in a data driven environment

Chief Data Office Exchange are hosting a series of collaborative, interactive and discussion-based sessions to enable attendees to engage in deep dive conversations with a connected and committed community of peers.

Gareth Parkes, Head of Data & Analytics joins an expert panel to discuss ‘Enabling Your Workforce to Thrive in a Data Driven Environment’:

Data teams cannot produce effective, long-lasting results if they work independently from other teams in the company; it is only with the support of employees at all levels that the effects of data centricity can truly shine through. However, for the majority of older, global corporations it is only relatively recently that data has become a central pillar of organisational strategy, and to facilitate the success of this strategy needs the support of not only senior management, but the entire workforce. In this session, join data leaders as they discuss how to best enable employees at all levels to realise the full value from data and reap the rewards across your business.

  • Building effective – and virtual – data literacy programmes to educate your workforce remotely
  • Establishing quick wins at the beginning of your transformation to encourage buy-in from the offset
  • Defining what a “Data Driven Culture” would mean for your company and the key benefits you want to gain from this

13th - 14th July 2021

Digital / Online

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Our Speaker

  • Gareth Parkes

    Head of Data & Analytics

    Gareth Parkes leads data, innovation and digital transformation projects at Sir Robert McAlpine. Gareth is passionate about making best use of organisational knowledge and finding innovative solutions to established problems.

Event summary

  • Gareth Parkes will be joining a panel discussion on Enabling your workforce to thrive in a Data Driven Environment

    Date: 13.07.21 - 14.07.21

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