2nd May 2024

Collaborative solutions for sustainable nuclear infrastructure

Tony Gates, Executive Managing Director of Infrastructure at Sir Robert McAlpine, writes in Nuclear Future magazine about the UK's journey towards net zero in nuclear.

A significant amount of new infrastructure will be needed to kickstart the UK's move towards net zero and energy independence, says Executive Managing Director of Infrastructure, Tony Gates.

In this recent thought leadership article, Tony Gates, Executive Managing Director for Infrastructure, advocates a collaborative ethos within the construction sector as the UK advances towards generating a quarter of its electricity from green nuclear energy by 2050.

Tony emphasises the pivotal role of Integrated Project Teams (IPTs) and High Performing Enterprises (HPEs) in driving efficiency and environmental consciousness, citing initiatives at the Sellafield site as tangible examples of the transformative power of collaboration.

Read the full article in Nuclear Future.

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    From the design and construction of the UK’s original fleet of nuclear power stations, through a continued presence at Sellafield between 1984 and 2017, to the provision of civil design services for Sizewell B, Hunterston B, and Hinkley B, we have a proud history of delivering projects in the nuclear industry.

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