24th July 2020

Supporting flexible working at Flexpo Digital

We are thrilled once again to sponsor Flexpo Digital, on 4th November, and contribute to Flexpo Business Digital Summit, on 16th September, to drive conversations on flexible and agile working.

Our ambition is to cultivate a truly inclusive culture. So naturally, we understand the needs of our people in finding the right work life balance to reach their full potential. 

We recognise that we have yet some way to go to making our working environment truly flexible and agile, but we are willing to try hard to make it happen. 

Over the past few months, the world of working has changed dramatically, and the lockdown caused by Covid-19 has taught us some lessons about just how flexible we can be.

We already know that better work life balance contributes to better mental health. People are happier in their jobs and become a more productive and committed workforce.

Flexible and agile working can help everyone to thrive in their professional and personal lives - whether a parent, carer, student, or someone with different abilities. It makes sense and the overwhelming evidence shows that it is good both for people and organisations.

We applaud Flexpo for embracing digital technology and moving to a digital event solution that fully reinforces the principles of flexible working and inclusivity, enabling so many others to benefit from this industry leading event.

Join us at Flexpo Business Digital Summit on the 16th September 2020.

The event will bring together HR and Business leaders, connecting them with technology, hardware, coaching, education and change management experts to understand how to navigate and steer through the rapidly changing world of work. 

Find out more and register your place here >>

For those flexwork job seekers looking for a new role, the Flexpo Digital Summit on the 4th November 2020 is for you!

It's a virtual platform connecting the best talent and best employers.

Aimed at facilitating the connection between those wanting to continue to work in a flexible, open, and forward-thinking way, with potential flex minded employers offering a variety of choices across a broad spectrum of industries and opportunities.

Find out more and register your place here >>


We are proud to work with and sponsor Flexpo Digital. Flexible and agile working is about people and our aim is to create an environment where our people can flourish and reach their potential. We can see the potential benefits of flexible working to our own business, our people, their mental health and their work life balance – even more so in this changing climate.

Lynda Thwaite, Head of Marketing and Communications

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