29th September 2020

Sir Robert McAlpine joins panel at Data Analytics Task Force

We are pleased to be supporting the Project Data Analytics Task Force, a cross-sector data-sharing community, at its whitepaper launch event taking place on Wednesday 30th September.

The Project Data Analytics Task Force, a community founded to facilitate project delivery transformation by leveraging AI and analytics, will this week unveil its ‘Transforming Project Performance with Data’ whitepaper. In an event designed to highlight the correlation between unlocking the power of data and delivering project success, Grant Findlay, our Director of Strategy, and Gareth Parkes, Head of Data & Analytics, will be joining the panel at the Task Force launch to discuss their views on the potential merits of data pooling for both the construction sector and beyond.

Covid-19 has highlighted the immeasurable value to be unlocked by harnessing data and – by way of extension – has served as a driving force in accelerating its adoption across the construction industry. In order to truly answer the Prime Minister’s call to ‘build back better’, cross-sector digital initiatives like this one that aspire to transform how projects are managed and delivered at macro-level will be a determining factor in the sector’s ability to recover.

By applying and pooling advanced data analytics and AI we will be able to facilitate a 10x improvement in project delivery performance, of benefit not just to the construction industry, but across all project environments. We’re extremely pleased to be able to participate in this milestone event and play our part in transforming project performance.

Gareth Parkes Head of Data Analytics

We’re proud to champion data-sharing for both the benefit of the construction industry and beyond. If you are too, join us at our live launch event this Wednesday at 11.00am by registering your interest here.

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