14th March 2024

Special International Women's Day report: Women in construction

In this latest special report from Building Magazine, Kirsty Shrubsall, Head of sustainability at Sir Robert McAlpine, shares her view on how we can make the industry more inclusive.

For International Women's Day, Kirsty Shrubsall, Head of sustainability, shared her view on how we can make the industry more inclusive.

There is much to recommend the construction industry as a workplace of choice for women but there is still a significant way to go. We want the best talent and we want the best people for the job, so we need to create the environment that is going to attract them.

Kirsty Shrubsall Head of sustainability

Kirsty explains: "That means creating diverse and inclusive, safe spaces for the best talent to join and thrive, being aware of our behaviours within our businesses, and making that as attractive for everybody as we can."

She says she is a big believer in the phrase: "If you can’t see it, you can’t be it." As for her own journey in construction, Kirsty says that while she has a great passion for the industry, it was not a path she had planned from the outset. "Though I have always loved working in the industry, like a lot of people I fell into construction."

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