7th March 2024

Introducing Mekha Rajesh on International Women's Day

For International Women's Day, we meet Graduate Civil Engineer, Mekha Rajesh who is currently working on our Derby Kingsway Hospital project. Here, she shares more about her path into construction and how she believes diversity and inclusion contribute to the success of projects.

We're proud to support and celebrate International Women’s Day across Sir Robert McAlpine. 

This week, in support of International Women’s Day, we’re helping to #InspireInclusion by celebrating the achievements of women across the business. 

Meet Graduate Civil Engineer, Mekha Rajesh who is pioneering change in construction.

Mekha's journey into civil engineering is more than just a career choice; it's a legacy passed down through generations. Inspired by her grandfather's footsteps as a Civil Engineer in India, Mekha embarked on a path fuelled by a passion for STEM and a drive to challenge herself beyond boundaries. Her quest led her to pursue a Master's degree abroad, solidifying her commitment to excellence in a field traditionally dominated by men.

Navigating the male-dominated construction industry hasn't deterred Mekha. Armed with the belief that knowledge is power, she thrives on learning from the experiences of her peers, leveraging her skills and talent to overcome barriers and carve her niche in the industry.

For Mekha, diversity and inclusion aren't just buzzwords; they're the cornerstones of a thriving construction ecosystem. She champions the idea that a diverse workforce promotes innovation, bringing varied perspectives and solutions to the table. In her eyes, embracing diversity isn't just a moral imperative but a strategic advantage, propelling construction projects towards success through collaboration and ingenuity.

Mekha's proudest accomplishment lies in witnessing the tangible impact of her work. From the inception of the project to its current stage, she's been instrumental in transforming a mere plot of land into a fully functional structure. The sight of progress each morning serves as a testament to her dedication and the collective effort of her team.

As we celebrate International Women's Day under the theme of "Inspire Inclusion," Mekha shares her vision for nurturing female talent in the construction industry. She advocates for increased representation and storytelling, showcasing diverse role models and their journeys to inspire the next generation.

Inspiration is like planting a seed and hence should be planted and nurtured from a very young age. Activities to involve children and young minds with small construction-based experiments in schools, etc., are a simple investment that has the potential to change the industry for the years to come.

Mekha Rajesh Graduate Civil Engineer

Kingsway Hospital in Derby is being delivered by Integrated Health Projects (IHP), the joint venture between VINCI Building and Sir Robert McAlpine. 

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