24th October 2023

IHP - 20 years of collaboration and innovation

For 20 years, IHP, a joint venture between Sir Robert McAlpine and Vinci Building has successfully delivered Healthcare projects for NHS Clients in England and Wales. Our team discusses the part collaboration and innovation has played in the delivery of these projects.

So why have Integrated Health Projects (IHP) been so successful in supporting NHS clients on all 4 ProCure Frameworks and NHS Building for Wales?

We believe a key factor in our success is our commitment and contribution to collaboration and innovation. 

Multi table “barn” theatres

At the start of P21 on Broadgreen Hospital development our team pioneered the delivery of multi-table “barn” theatres and went on to share and incorporate these at Wrightington, Chase Farm and Poole hospital’s in P21+ and P22.

These multi-table theatres have improved outcomes:

  • Improved productivity and work ethic
  • Economies of scale in staffing levels - e.g. less runners/circulating staff required
  • Opportunities for enhanced team working and availability of support in emergencies - e.g. cardiac arrest
  • Peer awareness of contemporary surgical practice and standard
  • Opportunities to develop and supervise staff in a safe environment
  • Reduced infection rates through improved theatre discipline
  • Spacious, light and airy environment
  • Efficient space utilisation.


Standardisation & Repeatable Rooms

In P21+ the Principle Supply Chain Partners (PSCPs) together rose to the challenge of responding to the efficiency agenda reflected in the Government Construction Strategy and the Naylor Report. IHP played a significant part in this and introduced the concept of repeatable rooms that we had developed within the private healthcare sector.

We shared a platform with Peter Hansford (Government Construction Advisor) presenting this initiative to an audience of NHS Trusts and health sector designers. We got remarkable feedback with 85% of those attending saying they would welcome and utilise this form of standardisation.

IHP picked up on this mandate and formed part of the P21+ working group that researched, designed and tested these evidence based repeatable rooms. We have gone on to utilise this repeatable room concept on most of our Projects including on the award winning Chase Farm Hospital, the largest project delivered under P21+.


Project Assurance Tools

Under P22 this exemplar level of PSCP collaboration continued and IHP co-sponsored the P22 Efficiency & Productivity Programme – Design Working Group. This group responded to the NHSE agenda and developed a suite of Project Assurance Tools to provide certainty and clarity in the setting and monitoring of project objectives, briefs and designs. IHP have also contributed to the MMC journey, sponsoring the P22 MMC working group that developed the initial iteration of the project MMC Assessment Tool. As part of the P23 MMC working group we have updated this tool and are facilitating roll out to support scheme business cases with cross PSCP training and briefing of architects working for NHP and Architects for Health.


Platform based solutions

IHP were selected as partners on the Construction Innovation Hub Platform Programme for public sector buildings. This included engagement with NHSE and other Government sectors to “Define the Need” and the delivery of a “Platform Playbook”. These documents are available to all and provide an evidence based structure for platform based standardised building solutions.

Aligned with this we have worked with key design partners to develop a Standard Platform for Healthcare Buildings that is being adopted for new build and Nucleus repurposing design options. This responds to the NHS NZ Building Standard objectives and is an enabler to the development and delivery of efficient MMC.


Innovative Emergency Response

IHPs innovation and collaboration is exemplified in our response to NHS emergency requirements. We delivered a series of COVID -19 emergency projects. This included our team’s remarkable achievement in completing the 750 bed Manchester Nightingale Hospital in just 13 days. We also delivered 130-beds at Preston and Rainbow surge centres at Bangor (223 beds) and Deeside (419 beds).

Together that’s over 1500 beds in less than a month! This was an incredible performance by the IHP team. We were asked to assist the NHS in this national emergency and we are proud to have delivered.

At the beginning of 2023 IHP were called on again to design and deliver 7 temporary ambulance discharge hubs across England over a 10 week period. This IHP achievement was well summed up well by one of the clients who said “This has improved the patient experience and enabled ambulances to return into the community, most definitely saving lives”!


At IHP we are proud of our 20 years at the forefront of collaboration and innovation. Our Clients have told us this has contributed to improving healthcare outcomes.

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