11th May 2021

Reaction to the Queen's Speech

Sir Robert McAlpine’s Chief Executive Officer, Paul Hamer, reacts to the Queen’s Speech.

“Sir Robert McAlpine very much welcomes today’s Queen’s Speech, which signals the UK Government’s commitment to providing much-needed infrastructure investment, stimulating economic recovery post-COVID and creating jobs up and down the country.

“We are particularly pleased that the Government has recognised the importance of plugging the skills gap in the construction sector, and we stand as a willing partner to deliver on the Government’s ambition to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

“We are disappointed not to see the Employment Bill which was announced in the previous Queen's Speech rolled over, which would have paved the way to enshrine flexible working as the default. We believe that flexible working can drive inclusion, improve the work life balance of our workforce, and address the issue of mental health in construction. However, we are heartened by recent positive conversations with ministers on this issue, as well as the re-establishment of the Flexible Working Taskforce. We remain optimistic that the Government continues to recognise the importance of this issue and hope to see a consultation on flexible working and legislation in due course.

“We look forward to working with Government to further strengthen our productive, sustainable and internationally competitive construction industry here in the UK, and to deliver on our mutual ambitions for the sector," Paul Hamer, Chief Executive Officer, Sir Robert McAlpine. 

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