28th - 29th June 2023

Design for Healthcare Leaders

Join Stuart McArthur and Caroline Mulholland from our Healthcare Sector team as they take part in a two day course hosted by Healthcare Design Leadership.

This two day course, hosted by Healthcare Design Leadership, provides an immersive introduction to the whole project lifecycle. It supports healthcare leaders by identifying the importance of involvement in the whole project process and supporting the operational effectiveness and the quality of the hospital design.

As the end users of a healthcare facility patients, clinicians and managers have been key stakeholders in the hospital design process. Whilst they are frequently asked for extensive input into projects, they often do not have full knowledge of the process or understand some of the technical parameters that facilitate or constrain decision making. As such healthcare leaders are often unable to become fully engaged in the multidisciplinary design of clinical services and built environments, potentially compromising the quality of the final outcome.

Caroline Mulholland, Clinical Liaison Manager, and Stuart McArthur, Healthcare Sector Leader, will be speakers at this two day event, offering their invaluable expertise and industry knowledge to an already exemplary speaker line up. Other companies represented on the course will be Mott McDonald, ESP, PwC, MJ Medical and TClarke. 

Caroline & Stuart will be representing Sir Robert McAlpine, explaining the benefits of early contractor involvement in the design process. They will look at contract choice and how budget, price, and cost are not synonymous. They will talk about risk and how best to manage this, including reference to change management.

They will also discuss how design information is developed - focusing on what MMC is, using this to explain why the supply chain is now so critical in bringing the technical design and (digital) innovation into schemes at the outset.

"In this session we'll be looking at how the basis on which you select your contractor partner impacts on the likelihood of a successful project outcome, including when to engage and how to engage to achieve Business Case technical requirements such as MMC targets in your scheme."

Stuart McArthur

Stuart McArthur, Healthcare Sector Lead

28th - 29th June 2023

St Catherine's College, Oxford University

09:00 - 16:00

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Our speakers

  • Stuart McArthur

    Healthcare Sector Leader

    Stuart is an Arts graduate who qualified as a teacher before joining the construction industry on a fast track management programme. Specialising in the Health Sector since 2000, Stuart has held a range of leadership roles for tier one contractors across a wide range of NHS procurement vehicles including the ProCure Frameworks, NHS LIFT and PPP/PFI projects.

    Working with NHS stakeholders, designers and supply chain partners, Stuart’s experience covers major acute hospitals, high, medium and low secure mental health facilities, primary and community care, as well as private and third sector projects.

    Stuart is an Accredited NEC3 and NEC4 Project Manager and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing

  • Caroline Mulholland

    Clinical Liaison Manager

    Caroline is the link between the clinical, operational, and construction teams, acting as our ‘critical friend’, ensuring that there is a seamless understanding of not only what is needed to complete your project but also to support ‘soft landings’ during construction and handover. She will ensure that the information gathered from all stakeholders meets the requirements of both the design team and the business case.  Her role includes Pre and Post Occupancy Evaluation, a key part of the design process, and she can also provide Business Case support if required.

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  • Event Location: St Catherine's College, Oxford University

    Date: 13.07.23 - 14.07.23

    Time: 09:00 - 16:00