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Tyler Penwill

Tyler Penwill worked with us at the new US embassy in London during his degree and he’s now part of our team at Battersea Phase 3.

“The mentoring I need to progress”

It’s the kind of projects we deliver that appealed to Graduate Engineer Tyler Penwill.

He worked with us at the new US embassy in London during his degree. And he’s now part of our team at Battersea Phase 3.

“Other companies have their skyscrapers or towers. But flagship projects like the embassy, Battersea and Bloomberg London are great experience wise.

“In these first couple of years of my career I’ve always said I wanted to be multidisciplinary and gain a big portfolio of experience.

“Sir Robert McAlpine are very good at giving you that. If you don’t know something they will help you out or give you the appropriate training.”

And Tyler has certainly found that’s the way it works on site.

“If you ask a question they don’t belittle you, they take the time to explain. They’ll give you a job and then go through it with you afterwards to show how you can improve.

“It’s real mentoring, which as someone new to the company and new to the industry is what I need to progress.”

Tyler Penwell

Meet the team

  1. Max Hacon

    Max Hacon

    After graduating in Civil Engineering at Bristol University, Max joined us in January 2018. We caught up with him to find out more about the start of his career with us.

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  2. Ella Mills

    Ella Mills

    Ella is undertaking a Planning Apprenticeship, whilst studying Construction Management at London Southbank Uni. We caught up with Ella to learn about her experiences so far.

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  3. Luigi Pettinato

    Luigi Pettinato

    Luigi completed his studies and started out on his engineering career in his home country of Italy. We were pleased to welcome him to our team in May 2018, after he had relocated to the UK. We spoke to him about the move and his experiences with us.

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  4. Jack Arnold

    Jack Arnold

    Jack joined the business in 2014 after two placements with us during his degree in Construction Engineering Management at Loughborough University. We caught up with him to get his take on working at Sir Robert McAlpine.

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  5. Peter Vlaar

    Peter Vlaar

    After studying Building Engineering in the Netherlands, Peter started his career as a 3D modeller in 2008, then joined a large Dutch contractor as a BIM Specialist in 2011 – before joining us in 2017. We spoke to Peter about his decision to join us and what it’s like to work here.

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  6. Placement Student Sam Davey

    Sam Davey

    Sam is one of the undergraduate students we are sponsoring through their studies. As he is currently on his Industrial Placement year with us, we took the opportunity to chat to him about his experiences and plans for the future.

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  7. Stuart Pendleton

    Stuart Pendleton

    Stuart had worked in construction management on both the client-side and contractor-side before he joined us in summer 2018 as a Bid Manager. We spoke to him about his move and his first impressions of the company.

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  8. Charmaine Myers

    Karla Jiggins

    Karla is one of many members of our team who’ve achieved over ten years’ service at Sir Robert McAlpine. Unusually for a Quantity Surveyor, she initially graduated and worked in Human Resources. We spoke to her about her switch and her career here.

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  9. Helen Denham

    Helen started her career as a Veterinary Nurse and went on to work in Wildlife Conservation and Land Management. After achieving an Open University Human Geography Degree at 38, she joined the construction industry.

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