7th July 2021

Strong Foundations Grant awardees announced in Bristol

We’re thrilled to reveal which community and charity projects in Bristol have been awarded a share of our Strong Foundations Grant.

Our Strong Foundations Grant was launched last month to attract community and charity groups in the Bristol region to apply for a share of our fund.

Following a 4-week application window, we received 15 applications via Action Funder from those eligible groups that require funding or support for new ideas or existing projects. Successful applications were shortlisted and a judging panel of Sir Robert McAlpine representatives selected the winning projects, which will be awarded up to £3,000 each.

Thank you to all those that applied and congratulations to our awardees.

We're delighted that we can extend our virtual cooking club to more children and families across South Bristol. With support from Sir Robert McAlpine, we can encourage children and families to cook, support them to try new foods without worrying about cost or waste, and provide them with some skills for a healthy, happy future.

Claire, Square Food Foundation

Here’s how a share of our Strong Foundations Grant will help Incredible Kids

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