11th May 2022

Reaction to the Queen's Speech

Sir Robert McAlpine's Chief Executive, Paul Hamer, reacts to the Queen's Speech delivered in the Commons on Tuesday.

“At Sir Robert McAlpine, we welcome the announcements in the Queen's Speech of forthcoming legislation to support regional growth, deliver on the levelling up agenda and provide a boost to infrastructure investment, by establishing the UK Infrastructure Bank in legislation. Disparity in infrastructure across the country has been identified by the government as a key driver of economic disparities, and so we welcome moves to utilise the potential of infrastructure and construction in supporting economic growth as we look to recover from the pandemic.

“We also recognise the importance of adaptive and flexible working structures in helping to attract talent and stimulate economic growth. Our Flexonomics report published at the end of last year found the potential economic benefits of increased flexible working to be worth £55bn to the UK economy. We will continue to work with government on this important issue and hope to see further announcements on a future Employment Bill,” Paul Hamer, Chief Executive Officer, Sir Robert McAlpine

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