25th April 2024

Embracing digital construction techniques

Mark Gibson, Director of Healthcare, Sir Robert McAlpine, writes in 'Build In Digital' about digital construction techniques used on our projects.

Transformative digital construction methods could significantly improve the delivery of construction projects, not least regarding the UK’s healthcare estate, says Managing Director of Healthcare, Mark Gibson. 

The construction industry is often perceived as slow to adopt change in its traditional methods, but with the emergence of AI, The Building Research Establishment (BRE) is urging construction companies to embrace new technologies.

In this recent thought leadership article for Build In Digital, Mark Gibson, Managing Director of Healthcare at Sir Robert McAlpine, discusses the transformative impact of digital construction techniques, which is particularly evident in projects such as Derby Kingsway Hospital.

Read the full article in Build In Digital.



The UK’s healthcare estate is a real proving ground for digital construction techniques. The technology not only allows for speed and precision, benefiting contractors and end-users alike, it also fosters innovation.

Mark Gibson Managing Director, Healthcare
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