8th March 2021

Celebrating International Women's Day with Imogen Masters

On International Women's Day (IWD), Imogen Masters shares more about her sustainability role, including how she sees women shaping the future of the construction industry.

Today on International Women's Day, we are talking to a cross section of women in construction at Sir Robert McAlpine about their achievements and aspirations.

Introducing Imogen Masters, Graduate Sustainability Manager 

Immy as she likes to be called, joined the company last year as a Graduate Sustainability Manager and is currently working on several London Healthcare projects, where she would traditionally be based on site. Her role covers all facets of sustainability, environmental and community issues.

When on site, a typical day would include conducting site surveillances, liaising with subcontractors, collecting and processing data including waste stats, fuel and electricity usage, water consumption and noise and air quality records.

As the pandemic restrictions lessen, Immy is hoping she can return to site and implement many of the face-to-face community engagements with local schools. She's also continuing to complete requirements for her graduate program. Immy always knew she wanted to work in sustainability and is proud to be involved in the company's ambitious Sustainability Strategy, which includes the 2020-2024 Net Zero Carbon Targets.  

As a big believer in the capacity of women to positively shape the construction industry, Immy believes that there are many roles available that a lot of women are simply not aware of. Providing education early on about the multitude of construction roles is key, and forms part of Immy’s work within the community on her projects. Creating an inclusive culture is what she believes will underpin these changes. 

As a young woman who has just joined the industry, I feel there is a prevailing narrative about the construction industry surrounding its male-dominating culture and physical demands. This creates a stigma for employment in construction, especially for younger women, minority groups, and those with disabilities. Whilst it is good to bring awareness to this untapped potential and improve the diversity of the industry, it is essential to foster an environment of inclusivity beforehand.

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