21st February 2023

New framework agreement with Hilti

The agreement’s primary focus is to ensure best practice in the design and install of fire protection products, primarily through the use of BIM.

The partnership will support us to meet UK fire protection regulations and improve productivity.

Chris Davison, our Head of Material Procurement, said: “Entering this partnership with Hilti supports our aspiration to utilise innovative design methods and digital methods of construction, whilst ensuring best practice is met during the design and installation phases of the fire protection works. It is fundamentally supporting us in the delivery of quality, safe, sustainable projects for our clients.”

BIM plays a vital part in modern construction, enabling the most efficient and effective design and execution. We look forward to even closer cooperation with Sir Robert McAlpine, working together to make buildings and construction safer and greener.”

Lisa Von Graevenitz Head of Key Accounts at Hilti

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