14th February 2024

Digital tools transform healthcare construction

In his latest article for BIMplus, Mark Gibson, Managing Director of Healthcare shares insight into how the combination of technology and acting on the data it produces is helping to transform healthcare construction.

Mark Gibson, Managing Director of Healthcare explains how digital tools are transforming healthcare construction.

Construction is sometimes regarded as traditional and slow to adapt to new ways of working. That is changing, with a growing understanding of the value of new technology.

Mark Gibson Managing Director, Healthcare

Mark writes: "Our IHP project team is pushing boundaries by using Buildots in the construction of The BEACH Building, part of the Royal Bournemouth Hospital estate."

"It uses helmet-mounted 360-degree cameras to capture progress images, which AI then combines with schedule data and 3D BIM modelling. The tool informs project teams where there are issues, and harnesses predictive analysis to identify how delays can play out. As a result, time is saved, there is better collaboration with trades, and delays are avoided."

He adds: "On the Derby Kingsway Hospital site, which is also being delivered by IHP, we have seen how visualisation software can facilitate invaluable engagement with stakeholders, allowing them to input into design. Using Twinmotion, we have worked closely with nurses, doctors and patients on interiors for a new psychological intensive care unit. In settings like these, where every risk must be minimised and access after completion would be a challenge, technology ensures the build is absolutely right for users, first time."

Read the article in full via BIMPlus.

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