27th October 2021

CEO reacts to the 2021 Budget

Sir Robert McAlpine's CEO, Paul Hamer, shares his reactions to the Autumn 2021 Budget and Spending Review.

Reacting to the 2021 Budget and Spending Review announced today in Parliament, Paul Hamer, CEO of Sir Robert McAlpine, said: 

“Following the Chancellor’s Budget, I am very pleased to welcome the Government’s announcement of additional investment in the infrastructure that is so acutely needed across the UK. This will go a significant way in helping the Government meet its ambitions to level up regional disparities, and to meet Net Zero targets by investing in the development of green construction methods.

“Sir Robert McAlpine is also delighted to see a further cash injection in developing skills and sector-specific training – something we are deeply committed to via our apprenticeships and retraining schemes in order to address the built environment skills gap.

“Moving forward, it’s now time that we see more urgent action to address the productivity puzzle and unlock UK economic growth, including in construction. The construction sector has an important role to play in rebuilding the economy and raising productivity.

“I urge the Chancellor to take further steps to invest in data analytics and cross-sector project data-sharing to ensure we are learning from industry best practice across the economy and delivering a new generation of data professionals. This would provide huge economic savings to the UK and ensure that infrastructure projects continue to be an engine for growth.

“We look forward to continuing our work with the Government on these important issues, and will continue to invest in the skills and innovative construction methods which will help turbocharge the UK economy as we recover from the pandemic.”

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