12th December 2023

University of Bristol students explore our Temple Quarter project

Our project at Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus is being used as a learning resource throughout the construction phase to support undergraduate studies in the industry.

Thanks to the project team at Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus, Bristol (TQEC) for playing host to students and their lecturer from the University of Bristol last week.

University of Bristol students visit TQECThe visit was a pivotal opportunity for these students, who are currently studying Environmental Management, Policy and Regulation as part of their MSc in Water and Environment Management.

This is the second engagement with the University, following an initial event where the project welcomed 40 final year Civil Engineering students in October. It is the intention for our project to be used as a learning resource throughout the build to support undergraduate studies in the industry.

The highlight of the Environmental Management visit was a comprehensive presentation delivered by Senior Sustainability Manager Barry Ryan and Chief Engineer Neil Jones, who shared insight on the TQEC scheme with a particular focus on environmental and sustainability management. The presentation delved into the intricacies of the project, emphasising the challenges encountered on-site, especially in navigating the complexities of working adjacent to the floating harbour and managing contaminated soils.

Following the presentation, the students enjoyed a guided tour around the site, led by Package Manager, Harry Jenner. This hands-on experience allowed them to witness the practical application of the environmental and sustainability principles discussed earlier, providing invaluable insights into the real-world challenges faced during the construction phase.

Thank you to SRM for hosting the site visit. I really appreciate it and the students did too. Your presentation was extremely relevant to what they are studying right now. We were very lucky to be able to visit at this point in the construction and at this point in their degree.

Engineering and Programme Director for MSc Water and Environmental Mgt

The students' exposure to the challenges faced by the TQEC project, particularly in dealing with environmental complexities, adds a practical dimension to their theoretical understanding. Such real-world encounters are essential in bridging the gap between classroom learning and on-site application.

As we progress through the construction phase, these interactions become crucial for fostering collaboration between academia and industry. The TQEC project not only serves as a testament to our dedication to sustainable practices but also as a living classroom where future environmental leaders can witness first-hand the impact of their studies on large-scale projects.

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