In-house Design Group

Construction Support

Adding value by design

We add value to construction projects through our design expertise.

From foundations to superstructures, we pride ourselves on developing alternative solutions which deliver real benefits for our clients, lowering costs, improving buildability and sustainability, and reducing health & safety risks.

We rationalise details to create better and safer off site solutions.

Our specialists help project teams overcome a wide range of issues. Whether it’s building close to an underground line, facilitating a large excavation, or dealing with contamination or vibration, we have the skills to assess the situation and find the perfect solution.

Our comprehensive temporary works design and advice service includes underpinning, scaffolding, façade retention, formwork, excavations and structural alterations.

Our expertise also encompases site investigation, piling advice, foundation and retaining structure design. Additonal services include the monitoring and assessment of existing structures.

Basement construction is an area of particular expertise and we have a proven track record of delivering simple and innovative schemes to reduce cost and programme while improving safety, buildability and sustainability.

Thanks to our considerable experience in the analysis of the interaction between soil and structures using complex numerical models, we can also help clients overcome the most complex construction situations in the ground.


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