13th October 2022

Geospatial and its impact on construction

Join Cristina Ruiz Nolasco as she takes part in a webinar for Digital Building Week on the government's Geospatial Commission launched in 2020.

This webinar will explore how the use of technologies such as digital twins, BIM and more can assist the construction industry in combating some of the most significant challenges facing the industry.

Cristina Ruiz Nolasco will present and take part in the Q&A session, alongside a panel of experts chaired by Thomas Lane, Group Technical Director at Assemble Media Group.  They will discuss the challenges in achieving these goals and how innovation products, tools and applications can help the sector tackle its productivity problems. 

In 2020, the government’s Geospatial Commission launched the UK’s Geospatial Strategy 2020-2025, setting out the role it believes location data can play in addressing industry concern areas such as improving infrastructure, tackling climate change, and building new homes. Analysis from within this strategy suggests that more accessible and better-quality location data in infrastructure and construction could be worth over £4bn a year.

13th October


11 AM

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Our Speaker

  • Cristina Ruiz Nolasco

    Senior Digital Construction Manager

    March RIBA Architect with 10 years of experience in Construction, Cristina is currently the Senior Digital Construction Manager for Sir Robert McAlpine Special Projects, where she has been implementing BIM on heritage projects for 4 years.