A mental health milestone

Springfield University Hospital Redevelopment, London

Delivering a vision dedicated to innovation in treatment and care for up 20,000 patients per annum.

The NHS Trust's Estate Modernisation Programme, including new state-of-the-art inpatient and outpatient mental healthcare facilities, 829 new homes, a 32-acre public park, care home, infrastructure improvements, and land for a new school.

Project structure: A Joint Venture led by Sir Robert McAlpine Capital Ventures with Sir Robert McAlpine as the main contractor.

Our role: Master Developer and Development Manager leading the coordination of all elements of delivery and the ongoing disposal of land sales to maximise value.


A place made for care – a focus on development with positive human outcomes.

Springfield is meeting changing Mental Health demands with a new generation of thinking and state-of-the-art facilities.

With the Trust, we have shaped a working culture of responsibility, innovation and determination where a complex mix of partners share the vision to create a landmark in the treatment, prevention and awareness of mental health.

Innovative funding arrangements enabled the Trust to unlock the site's potential through residential land sales, allowing them to focus on their core purpose of treatment and care.

Together, we have navigated access challenges, complicated contractual arrangements and precedent-setting environmental and social value targets. At all times, maintaining core services while delivering a neighbourhood where health facilities sit alongside homes and residents mix with patients and staff in the park, cafes, public spaces and shops.

Springfield is unique, a mixed-use London Village with healthcare at its heart- key buildings are operational, residents have moved in, and people are playing in the park. And, with this momentum, something bigger is happening - awareness of mental health is increasing, and perceptions are changing - this can be Springfield's legacy.

Progress photographs taken Springfield University Hospital

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