A mental health milestone

Springfield University Hospital Redevelopment, London

Delivering a vision dedicated to innovation in treatment and care for up 20,000 patients per annum.

The NHS Trust's Estate Modernisation Programme, including new state-of-the-art inpatient and outpatient mental healthcare facilities, 829 new homes, a 32-acre public park, care home, infrastructure improvements, and land for a new school.

Project structure: A Joint Venture led by Sir Robert McAlpine Capital Ventures with Sir Robert McAlpine as the main contractor.

Our role: Master Developer and Development Manager leading the coordination of all elements of delivery and the ongoing disposal of land sales to maximise value.


A place made for care – a focus on development with positive human outcomes.

Springfield has been a mental health hospital since 1840. However, new challenges require a new generation of facilities. Springfield will be dedicated to supporting the delivery of high quality, innovative care – a milestone in changing perceptions of mental health.

The site is complex, with access challenges, dependencies on land sales, and repurposing of buildings and land while maintaining services. We work hand-in-hand with the Trust, a partnership built on values of innovation, determination and patience.

Together, we are delivering a mixed-use master plan. This puts staff and patient well-being first, enables state-of-the-art care and connects the hospital to its surroundings and community - not hidden from view. It is the essence of development with positive human outcomes.

Progress photographs taken Springfield University Hospital

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