A best practice road network

A19 Dishforth-Tyne Tunnel Trunk Road Improvement Scheme

Building and maintaining a key national strategic 125km route in the North East that carries up to 90,000 cars per day.

A key element of infrastructure and road improvements in the North East, the project is a 30-year concession to improve and construct over 120km of strategic dual carriageway, including refurbishing bridges and viaducts. The contract extends to routine operations and both major and routine network maintenance.

Project structure: PFI to design, build, finance and operate. Let under the Governments’ DBFO initiative.

Our role: PFI Concession owner managing all aspects of the project.


A network made to last - a commitment to a long-term partnership

The A19 is more than a road. It carries over 98,000 cars daily and 5% more HGVs than the national average. This makes it a critical artery for goods and people to make the local and national connections that help drive the North East's economy.

We take responsibility for every metre of the 120km network in an initiative that requires meticulous planning, innovation and robust construction delivery with safety at the heart of everything we do.

For over 26 years, we, alongside Sir Robert McAlpine, have driven collaboration, rigour, quality and consistency in every aspect of the project, from construction to operations. We are proud to jointly celebrate four million hours without a RIDDOR reportable incident in April 2023.

Whether strengthening bridges, engineering value, designing and constructing new structures, re-surfacing and extending carriageways or installing emergency phones, best practice underpins our every action.

It is best practice that keeps the traffic moving freely every day so deliveries reach customers, families stay connected, motorists stay safe, and we actively support the economy and communities of the North East.

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