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Project Inspire: Advancing defence infrastructure

Our team improved Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (DSTL)'s infrastructure by creating new office and lab facilities in Salisbury and Portsmouth as part of a rationalisation and relocation initiative.

In response to the evolving needs of the Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (DSTL), our team undertook a significant project, as part of a rationalisation and relocation initiative, aimed at enhancing defence infrastructure. 

Project Inspire entailed the construction of a cutting-edge three-storey building in Salisbury, spanning 20,000m², along with refurbishment works in Portsmouth.

These facilities were designed to meet high-security standards while accommodating the diverse operational requirements of DSTL. Additionally, our scope included the provision of essential support infrastructure, such as a data centre and fire station.

Project summary

    • Client: Defence Science & Technology Laboratory
    • Sector: Industrial
    • Value: Value: £77.3m
    • Size: 20,000m2
    • Location: South West

Salisbury site construction

Constructed within a high-security environment, our team delivered a cutting-edge three-storey building spanning 20,000m2 of fitted-out open-plan offices and laboratory space.

This impressive structure boasted a reinforced concrete frame complemented by a steel frame rooftop plant room.

The elevations exhibited a seamless integration of precast concrete, flat panel units, and profiled metal cladding, accented by continuous ribbon windows.


  • Architectural design excellence

    Inside the building, a central three-storey atrium and main arterial route, known as "The Street," served as the primary architectural focal points, seamlessly blending form and function.

    In addition to the main building, our scope of work encompassed the provision of a data centre and a fire station, alongside critical infrastructure modifications, ensuring comprehensive support for operational needs.



Portsmouth refurbishment and expansion

In Portsmouth, our team undertook the major refurbishment of a 1990s building, significantly enhancing office capacity and technical facilities. This aspect of the project involved not only refurbishment but also the construction of supplementary support buildings, external works, and the provision of ample parking facilities.

  • Commitment to sustainability

    Our commitment to sustainability was evident throughout the project's lifecycle. Achieving a BREEAM 'Excellent' rating, our meticulous design management played a pivotal role in securing a large portion of the project's sustainability credits.

    We prioritised the use of sustainable materials wherever feasible, ensuring minimal environmental impact. Moreover, our dedication to responsible waste management was exemplified by the engagement of a specialist subcontractor, resulting in an outstanding 83% recycling rate.

    This emphasis on environmental stewardship underscores our holistic approach to project delivery, aligning with our core values of sustainability and innovation.

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