Our projects

Constructing new communities in Salford

Applying technological and engineering innovation, we are reducing costs and accelerating delivery of the construction of two large-scale apartment schemes.

We’re constructing residential apartments across Salford.

The Chapel Wharf development has 995 apartments across four blocks. Because of its constrained site and tight timeframe, we’re using a Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) approach.

This is improving safety and quality while reducing deliveries, material and labour costs through offsite manufacturing and lean processes. The result: 18 apartments are going up every week.

Rapid progress on the building’s envelope has enabled fit-out to begin early in a safe and almost weathertight environment.

We’re also now at fit-out stage for the 614 apartments at Clippers Quay. Using an ingenious bathroom pod lifting frame created by our mechanical engineers, we’ve saved time and money through damage-free delivery and efficient installation.


    • Client: Dandara and Amstone Residential
    • Sector: Accommodation
    • Size: 116,750m2 combined
    • Location: North West
    • Services: Construction Support, Pre-Construction
    • Completion date: 2020

Community skills 

We boosted skills and on-the-job learning for a group of local 5-19-year olds with autism, learning difficulties and complex needs. Working with their school, we organised learning and experience opportunities in construction, art, design and technology.


Delivering efficiencies 

At Chapel Wharf we are using the latest digital design technologies combined with offsite manufacturing and lean on-site processes to drive efficiency.

Increasing certainty of delivery and reducing on-site labour, the strategy is helping improve safety, quality and sustainability. Developed in collaboration with our project partners it is also delivering resource, programme and cost efficiencies.

Transport solutions 

With hundreds of bathrooms pods being installed at Clippers Quay we needed to get them off the lorries and into position efficiently and undamaged. So our engineers put their heads together and came up with a solution. The result is a customised lifting frame, enabling teams to transport pods from lorry to site safely and carefully. As well as improving quality and delivery times at Clippers Quay, this innovative tool will be invaluable for future projects.

Proper planning is vitally important. It makes life so much simpler both in terms of quality and programme, but also in terms of health and safety.

Paul Quinn, Sir Robert McAlpine Operations Manager, North West & Yorkshire