11th November 2021

Proud to support World Quality Day 2021

Today’s World Quality Day provides an opportunity to catch up with Nicola Markall, Head of Technical Compliance, who shares more about the importance of quality across our projects and highlights the relationship between quality and sustainability in construction.

Sustainability is the theme of this year’s World Quality Day 2021.

But what is the relationship between quality and sustainability in construction and what are we doing to contribute towards a sustainable construction industry?

The Building Safety Bill has transformed the way we record information and control quality on projects. 

Nicola MarkallNicola Markall, Head of Technical Compliance at Sir Robert McAlpine ensures we demonstrate technical competence and work to continually improve this and that all projects can demonstrate the Golden Thread of Information through good record keeping.

Competent people, keeping the right records and carrying out the right inspections to ensure our buildings are safe and defect free is key.

Why is quality important in construction?

Quality is important in construction, and to our business, as we need to ensure we are meeting client expectations. Delivery of excellence not only pleases our clients and maintains our reputation, but also leads to pride, giving those involved greater job satisfaction that helps with people retention and reducing workplace stress. Poor quality working practices will demand considerably more input to correct and can cause a higher number of health, safety and welfare incidents, resulting in waste of both time and materials.

Why is it important to have a sustainable construction industry?

There is no other alternative. The world is trying to be more sustainable and if we don’t have a sustainable industry, we will not have an industry! We need to adapt to deliver sustainable construction.

What is Sir Robert McAlpine doing to achieve this?

We have a sustainability strategy that we are working towards, like most. But, the difference with our sustainability strategy is that we are promoting ownership and understanding outside of the sustainability team to the whole of the business.

What is the relationship between quality and sustainability?

One of the 4 key areas is Resource efficiency (this links directly to the quality strategy and a right first-time approach). In the construction industry we use finite resources that will run out eventually. If we must rework or replace, we are increasing carbon emissions, the embedded carbon to remanufacture that product and environment impacts, for example deforestation.

The fabric of the build quality is an integral part of lowering operational emissions when the building is in use. For example, ensuring air tightness lowers building operational costs and carbon emissions.

You can view our sustainability strategy here.

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