22nd January 2020

Proud members of the Business Disability Forum

As part of our commitment to inclusion, we are now members of the Business Disability Forum (BDF).

Membership of the Business Disability Forum (BDF) will allow Sir Robert McAlpine colleagues to access expert advice and training opportunities that will help us create an inclusive and accessible business in which those with disabilities and long-term conditions can thrive. 

Providing a range of support, from training programmes and events to policy guidance and online tools, the BDF can help deliver benefits for both our organisation and disabled people. 

A key feature of membership is the access it provides to the BDF’s Advice Service

As well as providing practical advice to tackle any issues as they arise, the service also has experts on hand to advise on wider strategic or policy implications and improvements to prevent future difficulties. 

Membership also provides online access to the BDF’s Disability Standard self-assessment management tool. This will help ensure we are delivering on our commitment to being an inclusive and accessible business which makes adjustments for individuals. 

In addition to everything from communications to our premises and ICT, this also includes:

  • Equipping employees so they are confident interacting with disabled people, knowing what to do and how to do it.

  • Anticipating the needs of disabled people and having a robust process for making adjustments that might be needed by individuals.

  • Attracting and recruiting disabled people, giving us access to the widest talent pool at every level.

  • Working with our suppliers and corporate partners to enable us to meet your commitment to disability best practice.

Jack Arnold, Sir Robert McAlpine, Engineer who also chairs our internal Ability Network, said:

“I hope that people take the opportunity to have a look at what the BDF do and the services they provide; they cover more than just disability. This is a great starting point for us to learn what others have been doing and how we can incorporate that into our future strategies."

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