13th June 2023

Sectional Completion achieved at Hexham General Hospital

Congratulations to our IHP team at Hexham General Hospital, who recently achieved sectional completion on Phase 1 of their works.

Our IHP team at Hexham General Hospital have successfully achieved Sectional Completion earlier this month.

This significant milestone marks the completion of a temporary oncology unit and the transformation of the critical care unit into a state-of-the-art maternity ward. 

This project is being delivered by Integrated Health Projects (IHP), an established joint venture between VINCI Construction UK and Sir Robert McAlpine. 

The creation of a temporary oncology unit within an existing ward has allowed the hospital to continue providing vital cancer care services to patients. Additionally, the complete remodelling of the critical care unit into a modern maternity ward enhances the hospital's ability to provide comprehensive maternal care.

The execution of Phase 1 and the establishment of a strong partnership with the trust have resulted in Sir Robert McAlpine being awarded the Phase 2 works. This upcoming phase will involve the total remodelling of two wards, facilitating the establishment of new departments including Endoscopy, Oncology, and Dentistry. The Phase 2 works are set to be completed by mid-2024, promising further advancements in healthcare infrastructure at Hexham General Hospital.

In addition to the ongoing progress, our project team at Hexham General Hospital is already working on Phase 3. This phase involves the remodelling of the hospital's theatres to meet the latest standards and technology in surgical procedures. By investing in this critical area, the hospital aims to ensure the delivery of optimal care for patients undergoing surgical interventions. Phase 3 is due to conclude by mid-2025.


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