29th April 2021

Meet the team: Lucy Cook, Chief Engineer

Introducing Lucy Cook, Chief Engineer, working on our healthcare project: Springfield University Hospital in South West London.

Here, Lucy Cook shares more about her role as Chief Engineer on our Springfield University Hospital project.

Healthcare projects are a proud addition to our capabilities, as we work alongside the NHS to modernise and upgrade critical facilities throughout the country. The London region has an active portfolio of projects, which showcase the talent of our people.

The roads and park are a large feature of this project, so Lucy has a demanding job. Once complete, the park will be the largest built in London since the Olympics.  

As Chief Engineer, her role involves reviewing the weekly progress of the infrastructure against the target programme, enabling her to influence the project team, both internally and externally, on the successful completion of the roads and park. By developing strong relationships, she can get the best out of the project team and ensure there is good communication between all parties involved. 

Lucy has previously worked on No.1 Court Wimbledon, which she considers her proudest achievement with Sir Robert McAlpine.

As Springfield University Hospital works continues, Lucy’s main goal is to ensure the infrastructure continues to progress, to allow for the commissioning of the hospital and energy centre. She loves seeing the finished product of a project team's combined efforts and enjoys how every day is a little bit different in her job.

Lucy takes great pride in her work, so being a woman in a traditionally male dominated role doesn’t phase her, as she lets her work speak for itself.  “The industry has changed in the last 15 years with more women in senior roles and I feel no different to my male peers.”

We look forward to seeing the finished product that Lucy and the Springfield University project team deliver, as part of our London Healthcare portfolio.

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