19th June 2024

New building for Kingsmeadow Community School

Sir Robert McAlpine Capital Ventures (SRMCV), in partnership with Pinnacle Schools (Gateshead) Limited, is proud to announce the construction of a cutting-edge 6th Form building at Kingsmeadow Community School.

A legacy of educational excellence

Over the past 17 years, Sir Robert McAlpine Capital Ventures (SRMCV), through Pinnacle Schools (Gateshead) Limited, has successfully delivered seven new schools in collaboration with Gateshead Council. One of these schools, Kingsmeadow Community School, opened its doors in 2009 and has continued to thrive as a cornerstone of the community's educational infrastructure.

Kingsmeadow Community School took a significant step forward in 2020 by expanding its facilities to welcome 6th Form students. This expansion has allowed the school to offer a more comprehensive education, better preparing its students for higher education and future careers.

Earlier this year, Gateshead Council approved a variation with Pinnacle Schools (Gateshead) Limited to enhance Kingsmeadow Community School further with the delivery of a new 6th Form building. This state-of-the-art facility will be constructed using 22 modular units manufactured by Wernick Modular Buildings and built by Sir Robert McAlpine. The new building will feature modern classrooms and a common room with a servery, providing an enriched learning environment for the students.

Earlier this month, Kingsmeadow Community School hosted a sod-cutting ceremony to mark the commencement of this exciting project. The event was attended by distinguished guests, including Sir Andrew McAlpine, Councillor Haley, School Governors, the Headteacher, representatives from Sir Robert McAlpine, SRM Capital Ventures, Equans, and Todd Milburn. This ceremony symbolised the collaborative effort and shared commitment to enhancing educational facilities in Gateshead.

Once the new 6th Form building is completed later this year, Equans will continue to manage the facility, ensuring that it remains a high-quality learning environment for years to come.

The new 6th Form building at Kingsmeadow Community School underscores the commitment of SRMCV, Pinnacle Schools, Gateshead Council, and all partners involved, to providing exceptional educational opportunities for the community.

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