19th November 2020

Celebrating International Men's Day with Simon Richards

Today is International Men’s Day, an opportunity to look at men who are leading by example and bringing positive values to the world and communities. As our Head of Sustainability, Simon Richards’s passion for the environment and building a better future makes him an ideal role model.

If there’s one role in this business where an aspirational outlook to the future is essential, it has to be that of Head of Sustainability. The approach we take today and the actions this translates into on the ground have the potential to fundamentally impact on the world around us and the generations to come. It’s a responsibility Simon Richards doesn’t take lightly.

As a company, we’ve made enormous progress on sustainability in recent years, which is documented in our recent Sustainability Roadmap Review 2016-20. Our Sustainability Roadmap has seen us reduce our environmental impact and make a positive contribution to the communities in which we work through our local reinvestment and social value initiatives.

Simon’s focus is now set on building on that success with our sustainability strategy, empowering our people to drive the sustainability agenda and make a positive impact.

I have the privilege of leading the sustainability direction for the business and it’s an exciting time to be doing this. Ultimately, I want us to work together, being a voice for change within the industry to deliver a sustainable future. That means creating an environment where each and every one of us is supported and empowered to make the necessary change and embed it into our everyday actions. This will build a secure and sustainable business and future, one which we will all have contributed to and be proud of.

Simon Richards Head of Sustainability

Simon studied Physical Geography and Environmental Science at university and joined Sir Robert McAlpine in 2007 where he combines his passions for environmental management and construction.

Download our Sustainability Roadmap Review (2016-2020)

Sustainability Roadmap Review 2016-2020

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