19th September 2023

Farringdon Row named Best New Car Park at British Parking Awards

Our dedicated project team behind the Riverside Sunderland Multi Storey Car Park at Farringdon Row has been honoured with the prestigious "Best New Car Park” Award at the British Parking Awards.

Farringdon Row Multi Storey Car Park was built on behalf of our client, Sunderland City Council and boasts a capacity of 657 spaces which opened earlier this summer.  

The car park spans a remarkable 11 levels and showcases a captivating design that comes to life in the evening with its mesmerising illumination.  

Our team receiving the award: From left to right; Jonathan Lunn, Turner & Townsend, Graham Macpherson, SRM, John Ward, SRM, Jeanette Armin, Sunderland City Council, Mark Steel, Comedian hosting the event and Andrew Scott, SRM.A key highlight of this remarkable structure is the incorporation of two living walls, adorned with over 50,000 plants, including several native species carefully selected for their suitability to the local climate. These living walls, positioned on the north and south sides of the car park, not only contribute to the car park's aesthetics but also promote sustainability and environmental consciousness. 

Covering 200,000 square feet, Farringdon Row serves as a magnificent gateway to Riverside Sunderland, aligning perfectly with the Sunderland City Council's vision to create exceptional buildings that elevate the city's built environment. 

The car park is one of several new developments taking shape at Riverside Sunderland as part of an ambitious plan to revitalise the city centre. Sunderland City Council aims to double the resident population of the city centre from 2,500 to 5,000 and create 1 million square feet of offices and workspace for 8,000 – 10,000 quality jobs. The car park, with its innovative design and sustainable features, symbolises a significant step towards achieving these goals.   


We are honoured to have played a pivotal role in this project, and this recognition from the British Parking Awards underscores the commitment and expertise of our project team. With thanks to Sunderland City Council for their collaboration and trust in realising this remarkable addition to the city's landscape.

John Ward Project Manager, Sir Robert McAlpine

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