9th July 2024

Celebrating our success at the Digital Construction Awards

Congratulations to our 1 Broadgate team, who won the prestigious ‘Delivering Sustainability with Digital Innovation’ accolade at this year’s Digital Construction Awards.

Celebrating success as our 1 Broadgate team win at the prestigious Digital Construction Awards.

Held at The Brewery on Tuesday 2nd July, the Digital Construction Awards honour groundbreaking projects, teams, and individuals who drive innovation and technology in the built environment. These awards recognise efforts that are at the forefront of digitalisation or those exploring digital technologies for the first time.

1 Broadgate stands out as the first large-scale project to implement a digital-led material passport process. This innovation by SRM and British Land marks a crucial step towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions. The potential impact of this process on the broader industry is immense, offering a new standard for sustainable practices.

Material passports are digital documents detailing a building’s components, characteristics, and materials. They provide vital information that helps track the materials used during construction, such as specific concrete mixes, façade components, and steelwork origins. This data supports the reuse and repurposing of materials, promoting a circular economy and reducing waste and carbon emissions.

Without an off-the-shelf solution for tracking material information, our approach involved adapting various technologies within our existing business tools to create accessible and detailed material passports. This effort has transformed 1 Broadgate into a 'material bank,' a valuable dataset for clients.

The system has already shown promising results. During the demolition of the original 1 Broadgate building, 27% of the materials were reclaimed for reuse within the new structure or the broader Broadgate campus. This initiative aligns with our and our client’s net-zero carbon goals, a target set for 2045.

British Land has received an innovation credit from the Building Research Establishment for their work on developing this scheme, highlighting the significance of our efforts.

Well done to everyone involved in this project.

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