18th October 2021

Anti-Slavery Day 2021

As part of our commitment to tackling modern slavery and corruption, we are supporting today’s Anti-Slavery Day.

Modern Slavery is everyone's issue and we will only tackle it effectively if we collaborate and address it together.

We understand the role we play in our industry and wider business with regard to combating modern slavery and labour exploitation in its entirety.

As a tier 1 main contractor, it is our responsibility to set an example to our supply chain partners and our clients and work with them to tackle the very real and present issues.

Our company values of being an honourable and responsible business is central to how we conduct ourselves and deliver a built environment that we can be proud of.

We are working to ensure that everyone involved in our projects, whether they be our own employees or contributing through our supply chains, are treated fairly, with respect, dignity and humanity.

We believe decent work must receive decent pay. We commit to working collaboratively with all our people including those who work with us as part of our supply chain to deliver what we hope will be lasting change within our industry and society.

Check out our Modern Slavery Statement to find out how we're tackling the issue.

Educating people on Modern Slavery is one of the most important tools we can use to combat it. Modern Slavery is a hidden crime, partly due to lack of knowledge and awareness. When people are educated, they are then empowered to act. Therefore, we have been working with our supply chain partners to increase awareness of this crime and to encourage all to speak up.

Alice Hands Head of Ethical and Sustainable Procurement, Sir Robert McAlpine

SCS Building Solutions believe that a meaningful attempt to address modern slavery cannot be made in isolation. By working collaboratively with Sir Robert McAlpine in the fight against human trafficking and modern slavery, it allowed for the sharing of key information & exchanging best practice which can ultimately be extremely rewarding when attempting to combat modern slavery.

SCS Building Solutions

Alice Hands talks about tackling Modern Slavery

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