People & Culture

Senior Leadership Team

Meet our Senior Leadership Team who are responsible for creating and implementing the company's strategy.

Senior leadership team

  1. Chairman

    Edward McAlpine

  2. paul hamer

    Chief Executive

    Paul Hamer

  3. Executive Partner_Hector McAlpine

    Executive Partner

    Hector McAlpine

  4. Chief Financial Officer_Leighton More

    Chief Financial Officer

    Leighton More

  5. Director of People & Infrastructure

    Karen Brookes

  6. Director of Engineering & Technical_Boyd McFee

    Director of Engineering & Technical Services

    Boyd McFee

  7. SSHEQ Director

    Anna Baker

  8. Commercial Director_Martin Pitt

    Commercial Director

    Martin Pitt

  9. Managing Director Scotland & Northern

    Mark Gibson

  10. Managing Director Central, Wales & West

    Simon Trevor

  11. KAM Civils_Tony Gates

    KAM Civils

    Tony Gates

  12. Managing Director London

    Paul Heather

  13. Managing Director Southern

    Ian Cheung

  14. Grant Findlay

    Work Winning & Business Development Director

    Grant Findlay

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Our people and culture

  1. People & Culture Inclusion


    'We treat each other like family'. It's the ethos that we live by and that underpins our culture.

    Read more about Inclusion