People & Culture

Executive Leadership Team

Our Executive Leadership Team is the company’s main decision-making body, with accountability for the overall performance of the business.

Executive Leadership Team

  1. Paul Hamer, Chief Executive Officer

    Chief Executive

    Paul Hamer

  2. Chief Financial Officer

    Leighton More

  3. Executive Director of People & Infrastructure

    Karen Brookes

  4. Executive Director of Engineering & Technical Services

    Alison Cox

  5. Group Strategy Director

    Grant Findlay

  6. Group Commercial Director

    Steve Hudson

  7. Group Director Marketing & Communications

    Lynda Thwaite

  8. Managing Director Civil Engineering

    Tony Gates

  9. Mark Gibson

    Managing Director Northern

    Mark Gibson

  10. Managing Director London

    Paul Heather

  11. Managing Director Southern

    Ian Cheung

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Our people and culture

  1. People & Culture Inclusion


    'We treat each other like family'. It's the ethos that we live by and that underpins our culture.

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