Our Commitments

Health & Wellbeing

Our strong family culture means the health and wellbeing of our people is enormously important to us.

We are all human and physical and mental health issues can affect any of us at any time.

As part of our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our people, we offer all our employees free private medical health care. This gives them peace of mind that if they do fall ill they have access to high quality medical care and advice quickly and at their own convenience.

We also do our bit to help our people look after themselves through initiatives like discounted gym membership and our support for the Cycle to Work Scheme.

We provide a health assessment service, with trained health care professionals visiting our sites and offices to offer weight, BMI and blood pressure checks and provide advice on diet, sleep and exercise, as well as coping strategies to deal with issues such as stress.

Tackling the stigma of mental health

With at least one in four of us experiencing common mental health problems at some point, mental health is an issue that touches many of our lives.

That makes mental health a key issue for us as a business and we are proactively working to help raise awareness and break down any stigma.

We hold Time Out for Mental Health sessions and the topic is a key theme of the Workforce Engagement Workshops which are attended by all our people.

We also have trained Mental Health First Aiders across the company so that support is available for all our people wherever they work.


Our commitments to inclusion

'We treat each other like family'. It's the ethos that we live by and that underpins our culture.

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Our commitments

  1. The Sill


    We are committed to leaving a lasting positive legacy as a result of our actions. Considering our impact on the environment and society in all we do. Playing our role in addressing the climate emergency for a sustainable and prosperous future.

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  2. Compliance

    Our quality, environmental and health, safety and wellbeing management systems ensure we provide a consistent level of compliance across all our operations.

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  3. People & Culture Inclusion


    'We treat each other like family'. It's the ethos that we live by and that underpins our culture.

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