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Family is an enduring value at Sir Robert McAlpine. We value and celebrate the differences that make each of us unique – and we understand that diverse teams are richer, more creative and productive.

Beyond 1% Podcast

The Beyond 1% podcast series is about empowering women in construction, both on and off site. Each episode is addressing stereotypes and confronting the realities of building a career in construction. You will hear from women who have carved very successful careers in the industry and share their experience and advice on a wide range of topics.

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Encouraging and celebrating inclusion

We recognise that a lack of diversity is starting to hold the industry back – in particular the number of women entering the sector and progressing to senior roles. So we have committed to an ambitious journey to significantly improve inclusion across our company and the wider industry.


Our vision is to create a business where everyone can thrive.

Where people are respected and treated fairly. Where people are supported and rewarded for their efforts. Where our people have role models they can relate to and where we proactively lead the industry on becoming truly equal, inclusive and diverse.

As part of our inclusion strategy, we have put a number of initiatives in place that are already creating results.

We are incredibly excited at the prospect of seeing our business become more diverse and inclusive over the coming years and we are proactively facilitating that change at pace.

Paul Hamer, Chief Executive

Leadership and role models

We believe that ‘if you can see it, you can achieve it’. So we are increasing the visibility of our female leaders and showcasing the women working successfully on our sites in roles traditionally seen as male. We stand by the fact that there are no male or female roles.

Inclusion workshops and training

Working with WISE and Skills 4 Ltd, we’ve developed a programme to attract more Black and Minority Ethnic and LGBT talent. In addition to engaging audiences and recruiting through community channels, we run workshops for existing employees to overcome unconscious bias and foster inclusivity.

Flexible working

We take the balance between personal and professional lives very seriously. We offer our employees flexible working arrangements through our family-friendly policies, including part-time working and job sharing. We are also committed to providing more opportunity for both men and women to take career breaks.

Health and wellbeing

In addition to family-friendly policies and flexible working, we have taken positive action to target bullying and mental health. Our Employee Assistance Programme enables each of our people to seek support when facing challenging issues at home or in work.

Schools outreach programmes

At many of our sites, we’re working with local schools and helping get pupils interested in different careers in construction. As well as showing how science and maths apply to real world engineering, we’re teaching design modelling to computing students, and talking to geography and social science classes about sustainability and environmental protection.

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